Sunday, 26 March 2017

Video: Billy Moon - I Wanna Know

Billy Moon I Wanna Know

Billy Moon - I Wanna Know

Info: Hamilton, Ontario solo act Billy Moon, whose wonderfully joyous and quirky EP, That Which You Can't Throw Away, we reviewed last October, is set to bring out another extended play this spring, with the first single, 'I Wanna Know' dropping a few weeks ago with an interesting accompanying video.

The concept for 'I Wanna Know' is based on the creative power to imagine and the freedom your mind can have when a game is revolved around fantasizing new rules every ten seconds. When there is no limit on a character's imagination, the freedom can either take you on beautifully creative inspiration or mind-bending insanity. 

What starts out as a bit of silly fun, the video for IWK develops into a macabre and unhinged Shakespearian dance with chaos. Musically, Moon serves up yet another lo-fi piece of slacker pop rock. I've always been drawn to the effects he uses on his electric guitar, it's a bluesy nonchalant punk sound which always feels slick. While the overall feel is cool and chilled, the finale to the single matches the madness of the visual, a desperate panicked crescendo, like a scream in the dark, another doozy of a song from Mr. Moon.

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