Tuesday, 2 May 2017

EP: Bosco Ramos - Signs of Life

Bosco Ramos Signs of Life
Photo: Billy Woods

Info: It seems nowadays that if you are craving some cranked up hard-rock sounds, all you have to do is point your ears in a northerly direction. A couple of weeks ago Belfast pair Bosco Ramos released their bone and teeth-crunching debut EP, Signs of Life.

Opening with the wall of distortion that is 'Rolling Sea', a somewhat youthful sounding vocal harmony faces off against un-anchored drums and guitars as both flail sporadically about the place, yet somehow in time, some introduction to say the least.

The juice continues to flow on the wonderful 'Hurry Home', it's hard not to envision blood spewing from amps and splattering off the top of the toms, this is complete hard-rock bliss, there is no escaping it. It's like Weezer, early White Stripes and Def Leppard placed in a blender with Therapy? providing the salt and pepper. Fuck, yeah.

I've never been so disappointed that there are only three tracks on an EP as we reach 'My Friends Are All Growing Old'; 'The head always gets in the way of what is best', a pot shot at casting aside the joys of life in the bizarre and inhuman pursuit of monotony and conformity. Bosco Ramos are here to beat you around the head and talk some sense in to you, and they do it very well. Signs of Life is an unexpected glass of ice-cold water in the face on a hot sunny day, the gust of wind that blows you off a cliff into the sea, arresting punk rock music which straddles the 80's / 90's and 00's with aplomb.

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