Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Playlist: Remy's Irish Independent Top 10, Issue #005

Shookrah Our Own Way

Info: Every couple of weeks we bring you a carefully selected round-up of the best independent Irish releases, and as always there is a lot going on out there, the sheer volume of output which is ongoing is a major marker of a very healthy Irish music scene which shows no sign of drying up anytime soon. 

Our playlist kicks off with Kilkenny alternative rock four-piece Sonera, and their track 'Claustro'. A juicy drum solo opens proceedings and is shortly followed by crunching bass progressions and an old school rock vocal with a contemporary twist, it has the forlorn swagger of Audioslave's eponymous album, the energy is built in a straight up manner, leading to some deliciously catchy and face-melting guitar solos.

Next up is an artist we have long admired here, Mayo solo act based in Dublin, Maria Kelly and her latest single, 'Far Below'. Kelly has wooed us both in live settings and with previous single releases, in particular 'Black Heart'. Her ability to rake over our emotions both vocally and musically continues to be a source of great power and enjoyment on her latest release.

Formed in Dublin talent-factory BIMM, our next track is 'Celebrity' feat. Lawriii Craic via ROGUE!. Melding funky grooves with hip hop percussion and rhymes, the band have created a barn-storming mixture which is equal parts captivating and catchy.

Dreaming of Jupiter - Eyes of Stone

Dublin electro-pop trio Dreaming of Jupiter dropped new video and single 'Eyes of Stone' on Friday just gone. Straight out of the Texas playbook with added nostalgic 90's electronic soundscapes via synth and effects, DoJ continue to carve out a unique space for themselves on the Irish music scene, a place where they are currently leading the way without peer.

From their forthcoming EP, Clichés, comes Cork Rn'B outfit Shookrah and their track 'Our Own Way'. And oh how yum is this, rather than filling an under-represented genre in Ireland, Shookrah gobble it up and make it their own. From the get-go there's a soulfulness to the lyrics, which slowly melt into their electronic sound, the beat and vocals are funky, care-free and just perfect, cannot wait for the EP now.

Róisín O comes next with 'Warn Me of Silence', a blistering momentum of energy powers behind the pop track which firmly nods its head to Florence & The Machine. I've been horrendously late coming to the Chris Kabs show, the Dublin hip-pop / rap solo act released his single, 'Temo', a few weeks back, and since it first crossed my radar recently I've been checking out a lot of his previous releases and videos, with the conclusion that he is a most impressive act and one to keep firm tabs on.

Newcomer Lisa Maria sets out on her path with a very promising debut single in 'War'. A powerful vocal and smartly layered instrumentation clasp themselves around her lyrics to the point of suffocation, until the penultimate release comes at the crescendo, just on time to let us breath, a very impressive debut release. Long time favourites of Remy, Ivy Nations, have released a new video and single for their track 'Live By Design', masters of the retro 80's guitar-pop ear-worm, the new release is no different. Plodding bass-lines, crystal clear vox and rumbling percussion combine to give an anthemic swagger to the track.

Ivy Nations - 'Live By Design'

Last but far from least, comes a really intriguing prospect courtesy of a double A-side single release from Fresco Future. The Drogheda three-piece's debut tracks, 'Morning Mourning' and 'Maybe Ellie' hark back to a golden age of jangle pop and indie rock. 'Morning Mourning' has a happy day-glo swagger brimming with carefree nonchalance, whilst 'Maybe Ellie' draws a lot more on contemporary sounds, Cormac Dowdall's vocals are very different in all of the right ways, and it would be my preferred track of the two. The pair of tracks certainly whet the appetite for more and augur well for the future.

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