Thursday, 25 May 2017

News: SLUM Cinema @ MVP

Slum Cinema Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon MVP

Info: Slum Cinema is an exploitation/vintage/trash/cult cinema club run by Anna Davies. It's previous format was a double bill focusing on either a genre,director or actor. With the most recent venue change, only one film is now shown on the night. It runs monthly.


Slum Cinema started back in 2012 and was originally located in the SupaFast Building off Capel Street. Laser video, prior to shutting down, was donating 3 free rentals as a raffle prize. Supa Fast sadly shut down so it was relocated to an artist studio in The Hendrons Building. The club ran for over a year but after not being able to find the right kind of venue it went into hibernation. It has recently been resurrected and has a new location upstairs at MVP. Past press in Le Cool and an Irish Times interview with Tony Clayton-Lea. 


Next up for Slum Cinema is Bruce Lee classic 'Enter the Dragon' on June 7th.

Event Page:

Davies explains;

"I was inspired to run this night because I love film. I love highbrow super serious artsy film but I also really love trashy, smutty, sleazy film that is just enjoyable and easy (sometimes) to watch. I wanted an opportunity to infect others with my bad taste in movies and find like minded people to watch them with me. So I started a cinema night. The night goes like this - I get up and introduce the film giving some fun facts and history on it legacy or production, free popcorn is consumed, audience is encouraged to drink and shout their displeasure at the screen and to laugh wholesomely, film ends, everyone high fives and goes home. It's a simple event but it's like no other cinema club in Dublin. The films being shown are hidden gems, sometimes unknown sometimes cult favorites. They are outrageous and unusual, off the beaten track"  

To find out more about Slum Cinema & future screenings, head over to their Facebook page here

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