Sunday, 11 June 2017

Playlist: Remy's Best of International Playlist - Issue #011

Tycho See feat. Beacon
Photo: Derek Halsey

Info: The latest International Playlist kicks off with the latest single from one of our long-time firm favourites Tycho who played Forbidden Fruit only last weekend. The new single, 'See' was released the other day with an accompanying video and features New York's Beacon, the first time a vocalist has ever featured on a Tycho recording, with the track originally appearing on 2014's Awake album, it now gets a new lease of life. Also from the USA comes the wonderful new single 'Dipped' from Black Fly who we are becoming big fans of.

We also have killer tracks from all across Europe, the super catchy 'Retro Fizzy Drink' from Brighton / London band Silver Tongue Bandoliers, 'Cascades' from previously featured Italian ambient electronic artist Indian Wells, 'Awake' from brand new Dutch act CIEL, Helsinki's Lake Jons and their latest single 'Even If', and also from London 'Griptide' by Barbarossa and Moderate Rebels new number 'Knight Time'. Finally we have French indie rock band Fools Ferguson with 'Crystal Casltes' and Leeds group The Boxing with 'Heart of Me'. Enjoy.

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