Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Video: Jerry Fish - Blue

Jerry Fish Blue
Photo: Celine O'Sullivan

Jerry Fish - Blue

Info: Created by the very talented film-makers Crooked Gentlemen, the video for Jerry Fish's single 'Blue' features a beguiling and balletic feather and aerial performance by The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow’s beauté de cirque, Foxy P Cox. One of Jerry's main circus performers from his stage of carnival wonder at Electric Picnic.

Moved by the passing of his dear friend and band-mate, Martin Murphy in January of this year, the drummer with whom he first rose to fame in An Emotional Fish. Jerry re-imagines 'Blue' with a beautiful new string arrangement by pianist Cian Boylan and also features a mesmerising vocal contribution from May Kay (Fight Like Apes) and now co-presenter of the TV Series Other Voices.

Throughout the 1990’s Jerry Fish was the creative force of the alternative rock band An Emotional Fish. Since then Jerry has changed his skin many times and is recognised as a constantly evolving artist who has always favoured innovation over orthodoxy. Now in a mood that could be styled reflective revolution, Jerry with 'Blue' is recapturing some of his beloved music that is no longer available to fans of The Fish.       

"'Blue' is a tribute to Martin, the band, and the music we made together".

Jerry Fish's new video for single 'Blue' is a tribute to former Emotional Fish drummer and close friend Martin Murphy who passed away earlier this year. Even without the context of the song and lyrics, it would be difficult not to be moved by the poignant sweetness of the music and its delivery. Despite the stirring feeling left by the track, its chorus still manages to raise the spirits and with them hope, not so much a farewell, but more a 'see you soon' message. 

The video itself is another visual joy courtesy of the kingmakers Crooked Gentlemen, it's dreamlike flow and lyrical references to the ocean really do make you feel like you are witnessing a performance from a comfortable sofa on the seabed itself. A highly pleasurable combination of Fish's restrained (on this occasion) croon with vocal accompaniment by Fight Like Apes' May Kay and an enchanting video to warm the coldest cockles.


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