Thursday, 13 July 2017

Video: Sub Motion - Headlights

Sub Motion Headlights

Sub Motion - Headlights

Info: Each time Sub Motion release a new single I say to myself, "this definitely sounds heavier than the last one", but then you visit back to recent singles like 'Decoy' and 'Soccer Mom' both released this year, and further back again to 2016's 'Haunt Me' and 'Headchecked' and you realise, nah, they've always rocked hard, just getting better at it.

With 'Headlights' you sense that the success of their last two single releases has buoyed the four-piece to bring more and more abandon into their sound, a controlled recklessness, which is more subconscious than deliberate, a gradual yet unmissable incline for those familiar with their music. The track has that classic rock wall of sound feel, a break-down at the 2:20 mark reinforces the impact as the distorted guitars chaotically gain momentum once again and the vocals drive us to enter right into the middle of the fray. Frankly the more bands reaching inward to produce this primal rock sound and energy in Ireland the better, there's not enough of them, so I'm very thankful we have Sub Motion.

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