Thursday, 26 October 2017

Single: Molly Sterling - Plain Static

Molly Sterling - Plain Static
Photo: Adam Synnott

Info: "Writing 'Plain Static' was a liberating experience. This song is a constant means of reminding myself that I do not deserve to feel suffocated by shame. I don't deserve to feel shame about my body or about how others have treated my body. It explores how physicality and the mind are intrinsically linked, and when someone breaks into your body, they break into your mind, stealing something precious in a selfish, harrowing manner. The song explores how a body is constantly seen as something consumable and how people often dismiss the person within that body.''

'Plain Static' feels like it came from somewhere ancient, a world deep down at the bottom of a black sea, there is no light, and no life, but there is an isolated beauty in this dark unseeable void. Lines such as "I've seen the mountains, I've seen them cry, they have eyes and so they're petrified, if they had lips and a tongue to be cut out now, would you tell your own daughter, there's nothing to cry about?" accentuate that feeling of beauty mixed with hurt which Molly Sterling's pained voice delivers with great dignity. 

Musically (and at times vocally) her debut single echoes Sigur Rós, in particular in the latter half when the piano is joined by the sad hum of cello and trembling bass drum. Few singles will leave as powerful and long-lasting an impression on listeners this year, there's a desperate and relatable sadness and Sterling connects with us so well through her vocal and vivid lyrics. Whenever her next single is released expect quite a stir, I personally cannot wait to hear what's next because 'Plain Static' is quite stunning to put it mildly.

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