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Video: Little One - The Habit

Little One - The Habit

Little One - The Habit

Info: Little One are a post-indie group formed in Dublin. The collective made their Glastonbury and Electric Picnic debuts this past summer, following the success of singles "Corner" and "L/0", as well as a string of successful London shows. As a band, Little One strive to amalgamate their music with the best vocal talent the Irish music scene has to offer, with collaborations featuring Alannah Hewitt (James Vincent McMorrow), Faustina Finnerty (Pockets) and Catherine Smyth (Vernon Jane & Farrah Elle) already completed, with other prominent vocalists set to feature. The result of which, culminates in a unique mixture of electronica, neo-soul, post-rock and folk, with the outfit's influences stemming from Radiohead to Elliott smith, Alt J and Robert Glasper.

I'll come straight out with it, Little One are the band live music fans need to see straight away, because 2018 will see them jet-pack into the ether, I've never 'tipped' an act before because it's subjective, but I'm quite happy to do so with this Dublin band. I need to back that up though, grand pronouncements require grand evidence after all. 

Firstly is their debut single 'Corner' featuring the wonderful Cat Smith (below), secondly is 'L/O' which came out in July and I love a little too much, and now there's third single 'The Habit' featuring vocals from Alannah Hewitt which the song benefits immensely from. And there is also a fourth reason, the producer of their latest video is none other than the jaw-dropping electronic solo act Bad Bones, a bit of an artistic genius by any measure.

And so to 'The Habit', with a gorgeous twinkling sound and opening hum that gets over-ridden but not subsumed by a temporary crash of instrumentation, Hewitt's entry draws us into that placid settled water with a lull that is broken once again by the energetic splash of guitar and percussion. What works well here is the suspense of thinking that that momentum is just about to happen again, but Little One hold off, teasing, holding back, until the final 30-odd seconds, it's a euphoric moment that is built up to perfectly. 

Little One play Tramline on Hawkins Street, Dublin 2 on Friday 3rd of November with support from another hot ticket Sylk and Susie Blue. Event page is here

Little One feat. Cat Smyth - 'Corner'

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