Thursday, 9 November 2017

Album: James Darkin - Remixes, Vol I

James Darkin - Remixes Vol I

Info: Following on from his well-received debut LP ‘Go No Matter What’, Irish producer James Darkin releases his second album ‘Remixes Vol. I’, on October 31st, via Terminal 2 Records. The remix compilation album is from an unusual collection of artists from all corners of the Irish music spectrum James has worked on over the last few years.

"All except one of these remixes have already been released, but they’re all over the place in various online world’s so I wanted to put them all together as people keep asking about them. I think they work well in a weird wonderland of artists that would not normally reside together. Some I did for fun, some I did for free, some I did for the cash, some as favours for mates, some I really love, some I’ve fallen back in love, some band’s that don’t exist anymore and one I’ll probably get in trouble over, but all were done over many hours with plenty of passion and loud volumes. Enjoy."

One of Ireland's most well-respected and talented producers James Darkin, who operates out of his co-owned Herbert Place Studios, brings out the big guns Remixes, Vol I. Firm favourites of my own, BANTUM, R.S.A.G., Participant and Jerry Fish are among the roster of some of this islands finest artists who Darkin has worked with and here breathes fresh life into their music with his alternative reworking of the tracks which are listed below. 

Bantum 'Feel It Out' feat. Fareh Elle (James Darkin Remix)
Katie Kim 'The Feast' (James Darkin Remix)
Come On Live Long 'Wasteland' (James Darkin Remix)
Jerry Fish 'Barefoot & Free' (James Darkin Remix)
Repeat 'Run' (James Darkin Remix)
Wounds 'Dead Road' (James Darkin Remix)
Dirty Epics 'Surrender' (James Darkin Remix)
R.S.A.G. 'Broken State' (Darkin Remix)
Cowboy X - Gabbi (Darkin Remix)

Participant 'Your Better' (James Darkin Remix)

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