Thursday, 9 November 2017

EP: Autre Monde - Autre Monde

Autre Monde

Info: Dublin four-piece Autre Monde, comprised of Paddy Hanna on vocals, Mark Chester on guitar, Padraig Cooney on bass and Eoghan O'Brien on drums, have just released their debut self-titled EP. Formed by previous and current members of Land Lovers, No Monster Club, Ginnels and others.

'Moonlight' stomps its beastly and heavy footprint on your ears straight away, like a trapped captive, Paddy Hanna's vocal sounds like he's singing for his life, or at the very least, his release. The grinding monstrous churn of guitar and drums circling him in a darkened room with a spotlight blinding his face, if that sounds mad, it's because it is.

Electro Roxy Music sounds and vox appear on second track 'Leuctra', again the energy and emotion are present in the dramatic vocals and Autre Monde showcase their ability to create highly visual and imaginative soundscapes, a dark, digital and minimalist trip. 'Your Name' accentuates the building post-apocalyptic feel of the EP which has been slowly creeping its way into the collection of tracks since the opening, the synths and guitar effects warping the world into a desolate and bleak environment.

Final track 'Interpretive Centre', which is a quite Orwellian title, feels nothing of the sort, this is Autre Monde in light-hearted brevity mode, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics from the get-go; "Tightly packed touring buds / Testing the mass appeal of soup and spuds / They sniff at the flowers by the ancient mounds / And plug their ears for sounds". Musically and vocally it reminds me of Gary Numan and Tubeway Army on the chorus, mashed up with The Cure's jangle-pop moments on 1992's Wish album. 

The simple conclusion by the end of Autre Monde's debut self-titled EP is that they are easily one of the most creative and fascinating forces on the Irish indie scene at the moment. Bemusing lyrics, awash with drama and the theatrical persona of Hanna, alongside songs which each feel like a lost short story by Douglas Adams, they stack their intrigue pile high. It really is more than just a simple musical experience.

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