Sunday, 19 November 2017

Double A-Side: Romeo Moon - Feelin' / Twin Haus - Emperor Oppressor

Romeo Moon - Feelin' / Twin Haus - Emperor Oppressor

Info: 'Feelin'' / 'Emperor Oppressor' is a musical correspondence between Romeo Moon and Twin Haus, established upon both artistic consensus and the respect for creative difference. This process has been an invaluable experience for both bands, as well as a cherished one.

Twin Haus' last EP, Nothing Lavish, was our International EP of the Year here on REMY in 2016, 30 minutes of intensely mesmeric psychedelia and experimental rock across four magical tracks. On new single 'Emperor Oppressor' the Brisbane four-piece take a left-turn half-way down the rabbit hole. Sleepy double bass runs, percussion and guitar-picking rumble slowly and at times the melody and vocals recall Radiohead's Kid A. Throw in a dash of strings and brass and by the end of the song you've just imagined Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke doing a Blue Note session, and once again Twin Haus take you on a trip with an entirely unexpected destination.

That correspondence the acts mention is more than just a split release of two different styles, with Romeo Moon and Twin Haus reverse-interpreting each other's tracks. On 'Feelin'' Rome Moon adopt a higher tempo, again there's that jazzy vibe, with the vocals and guitar putting a decidedly bossa nova tint on proceedings, Ipanema how are you? The mechanical rhythm is more to the forefront and sonically it clouds your head in a more enveloping manner with their dash of psych casting itself further back to a classic mid-60's nugget era. It will be interesting to see what kind of mark, small or large, both bands have left on each other on future releases.

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