Monday, 11 December 2017

Single: Jon Dots - Happy Christmas Baby from Me

Jon Dots - Happy Christmas Baby From Me

Info: Dublin Indie-Pop-Pop solo act Jon Dots has released his twelfth song of 2017, much of which has gone under the radar, all of which is the most blissful hideaway and escape from the din and clamour. As I grow older I've learned to hate Christmas, not to be a spoilsport or negative, it has just gradually sucked baubles, the important thing is that I don't allow this seething dread impact on those I cherish, after all, they've bought me presents.

Dots' 'Happy Christmas Baby From Me' is just the tonic to this miserable disposition, if a 20-odd year old Roy Orbison were plonked into a recording studio in 2017 this would absolutely be the song he would record. What is most impressive (as is the case in general with Dots' output) is his remarkable and innate ability to reproduce and improve upon classic sounds. The vocal is so smooth, and the pop elements are kind of a work of art, if there's anyone better at this type of composition in Ireland at the moment I'm yet to come across them. 

What's left to do but thank Dots for saving me from myself this yuletide, and to share with you another one of his singles. My Christmas present to all of you, is Jon Dots.

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