Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Video: Shiftwork - Ode to Tommy

Shiftwork - Ode To Tommy
Photo: Cecilia Lacombe

Info: Shiftwork are a ridiculously charming trio who play quirky, haunting and strangely beautiful songs. Their duelling and harmonising vocals touch on important topics such as three day rollovers, semi-perilous late night cycling and unrequited lust.

Dublin-based alternative-folk trio Shiftwork released the video for their track 'Ode to Tommy' last week, which was originally recorded roughly a year ago. The chap in the song's title is one Tommy Wiseau, writer, director and star of cult drama The Room which was released in 2003. The story behind the film, in a rough nutshell, sees Tommy's character Johnny play the part of a successful banker in San Francisco, who, to him at least, is in an idyllic relationship with beau Lisa. All is not as it seems however, with Lisa, arriving at a point of boredom in their romance, messing around with Johnny's BFF Mark. 

Critically panned beyond any form of redemption, and with rock-bottom scores on online film sites such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, the sheer disbelief at how bad the acting is and the amateur nature of both the writing and production have turned The Room into a source of intrigue, and major league fandom. Shiftwork capture the black tragi-comedy with aplomb on their video directed by Andy Flaherty, a song I've had the pleasure of seeing performed live twice in 2017, which immediately leads to intrigue about its subject matter.

Off the back of playing Electric Picnic two years on the bounce, as well as this years' Culture Night, the stir created by Shiftwork's live performances to date means a lot more people will be seeing and hearing their music in 2018, I for one am excited to see them take to the stage again in the New Year.

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