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Film: The Popcorn Podcast - 2017 Film Review

Elle 2016 Movie Isabelle Huppert Paul Verhoeven

Info: A few weeks ago myself, Adebayo Flynn, and Gavin FitzGerald decided we'd shoot the breeze and do a podcast of our favourite films of 2017. We will be releasing regular podcasts from here on in, which will initially focus on film, but may broaden as time goes on, but we promise they won't be formulaic, i.e., we won't just be doing 'favourite films' and will be focusing on a variety of characters and ideas within and outside of the topic. We picked one film each, all three of us had to watch each others picks, and we shared our thoughts above, it's worth noting that two of the three films were directorial debuts. 

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Pre-cursor!** This podcast definitely contains spoilers, as do the trailers below, so if you want to watch the films first, I've listed them at the very end of this post.

Adebayo Flynn is a Dublin painter / artist who has had sell-out exhibitions of his work in the capital and has also collaborated with which celebrates the cultural impact of women throughout Irish history to the modern day. His paintings and varied styles go against the grain of the 'established' art community which has inadvertently become a barometer of his success. 

Gavin FitzGerald is a film director whose interest in the Irish music scene led to his 2017 collaborative documentary The Truth About Irish Hip Hop which featured the likes of Jafaris, Rusangano Family, Mango, This Side Up, 5th Element and many other prominent members of the genre. More recently Gavin directed Notorious which became the highest-grossing Irish-made documentary of all time.

Elle - Trailer

Get Out - Trailer

Hounds of Love - Trailer

Reviewed films:

Elle - Directed by Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers)
Get Out - Directed by Jordan Peele (Debut feature)
Hounds of Love - Directed by Ben Young (Debut feature)

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