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Single: Kraków Loves Adana - Rapture

Kraków Loves Adana - Rapture
Photo: Ebba Ågren

Kraków Loves Adana - Rapture

Info: Taken off their forthcoming record​, 'Songs After The Blue' (out April 6th, 2018) Kraków Loves Adana, the Hamburg-based duo of Deniz Cicek and her partner Robert Heitmann, give another foretaste with their new single 'Rapture'.​It’s the follow up release to their previous released single 'American Boy'​ with its official video being directed by ​Wy​’s Ebba Ågren. 'Rapture' is an ode to the cassette, with the walkman making music a private experience, with the mixtape reflecting romance, with its shabby sound embodying a somehow misplaced nostalgia.

Born in the late eighties and due to the fact that her parents always were a few steps behind regarding technology, Deniz was surrounded by cassettes until her early teens. The first cassette she ever listened to was one she found in her parents’ collection, it was a self-made tape that said​ 'Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love'. At that time unknowing who Kate Bush was, the curiosity to hear what was on a rectangular piece of plastic was enough to get her enthusiastic about this medium.

Not having internet access or a computer until the age of 17, Deniz recorded the first songs she wrote on a small portable cassette player. The video to 'Rapture' reflects this nostalgia and underlines the mood of the song - it is about movement, getting lost in your own small world and forgetting everything around you, which can be a form of rebellion, especially as a teen.

I'll start by saying that Kraków Loves Adana are currently my favourite band so expect gushing words from here on in. Having released their debut album Beauty in 2010, the duo are on the verge of completing their fourth studio album this coming spring. My introduction to the German act came with last years single 'Beautiful Lie', an instantly mesmeric and appealing track which had me hooked to their sound straight away. Delving into their discography since has been nothing but rewarding. With 'Rapture' that sense of satisfaction is further augmented. Unsurprisingly given the theme of the single, Cicek's vocal is wrapped full-circle in Heitmann's retro-synth, recalling one of my favourite OST's for Drive

When you have a preference for a particular genre of music, that rare moment when a band comes along and ticks all of your boxes is an exciting experience, what is rare is wonderful as the saying goes. Kraków Loves Adana's ability to create strong atmospherics and moods leads to great gratification for this listener and I'm very much looking forward to their next album, fingers crossed they'll make the trip to Ireland some day.

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