Friday, 12 January 2018

Video: WORN OUT - With False Hope

WORN OUT - With False Hope

WORN OUT - With False Hope

Info: WORN OUT are a new 4 piece metal / hardcore band from Cork, Ireland who just released their debut single 'With False Hope' on December 17th. The band formed earlier this year and will already play support to God Mother (From The Dillinger Escape Plan's label Party Smasher Inc) on January 18th alongside Illenkus and Bailer. Their band have been described as "Crafting a raw and malevolent gash of noise" on their debut offering by

Irish metal is something I will be looking to cover a lot more of in 2018, and I can't have asked for a better start than Cork quartet WORN OUT's debut single 'With False Hope', albeit released just before Christmas. It's a blistering and scorched introduction, an undercurrent of Bush's 'Greedy Fly' and Foo Fighters' hardest sounding moments from There Is Nothing Left To Lose (think the chorus of 'Stacked Actors'), all put fully through the metal masher with nothing spared. The guitar riffs are like a grating rusted sawmill hitting speed before one last gasp in advance of permanent redundancy. 'With False Hope' is unapologetically industrial, raking and a highly proficient debut release from WORN OUT.

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