Tuesday, 27 February 2018

EP: Motions - The Late Night Calls

The Late Night Calls - Motions

Info: Motions are an alternative rock band from Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty. Following a string of impressive singles from their debut 'Back To Where I Begun' to 'All I’ve Ever Known', which earned global airplay in the U.S., Ireland, Germany, China, Australia, South Africa, Peru and more, comes the debut EP Late Night Calls. “Late Night Calls” was produced and mixed by Philip Magee.

Opening with the EP's (almost!) title-track, Motions set the ball rolling with a rather restrained and reflective piece of indie-fused electro-pop. There's a well-executed rising tide from the moody opening two-thirds to a perfectly sanguine finale. On 'Back & Forth' Tom Daly's distinct gravelly vocal which we were first introduced to with their debut singles returns, here the band add a classic 80's pop-rock flow to the EP, there's also a bit of an INXS circa Kick tone to both music and vox, but it's subtle.

The Late Night Calls closes with 'Waiting to Tell You', the perky rhythm of the previous track now bubbling over aided by a rippling bass line that sounds so tightly wound that it might collapse in on itself. This is a really nice way to see out their debut extended play, the singing is airy and the ambience is a little exotic, the final flurry of guitar action and choral vox driving us over the line. 

The best thing about Motions is that thus far they haven't released two songs that sound the same, yet they have proven in the past that they're adept at dropping bangers with each. I reacquainted myself again lately with 'Say Goodbye' as an addendum to the singles they've mentioned in their bio. In some ways they avoid going with overtly in your face singles this time around, and that's no harm, keep the masses guessing.

Motions will officially launch 'The Late Night Calls' this coming Friday, 2nd March upstairs in Whelan's, the event page and info is here https://www.facebook.com/events/1977992505861727/

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