Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Single: Ivy Bloom - For All Who Dwell

'For All Who Dwell' Ivy Bloom
Photo: Sarah Hollingsworth (guitarist, Ivy Bloom)

Info: Ireland’s music scene has recently been enriched with the arrival of a distinctive new sound from Dublin based band Ivy Bloom. Following the very successful release of their debut single 'Dark Clouds', in early November, Ivy Bloom launch 'For All Who Dwell' as a spectacular continuation of the group’s experimental sound. Ivy Bloom, led with visionary zeal by composer, vocalist and keyboardist Anna Devine, have created a diverse sonic landscape in 'F.A.W.D.', combining post rock and electronic influences to create immense musical space, developing from elegant and elemental to raw and powerful. This meticulously crafted single sets the tone for the release of Ivy Bloom’s EP later in 2018. 

I'm not sure how strong the residue of our inherited DNA make-up over millenia is in a general or musical sense, alas, I am no expert! On Ivy Bloom's second single 'For All Who Dwell', however, it seems that Anna Devine and band capture a traversing of many of them. Whether intentional or not, a lot of contemporary female Irish artists seem to have an anchor in the past that is mythical, mystical and darkly enchanting, a strength and power that is etched in defiance.

A cursory glance at her credentials are more than impressive, but I want to focus on the single for now, I mention this only because for a second single, 'For All Who Dwell' is beyond impressive, it's bloody fantastic and slightly overwhelmingly refreshing. The cool breeze of that off-beat percussion, and gentle yet purposeful introduction of piano (high keys yes please), are the beautiful spawning of a terrible storm. Devine's control over this orchestral rock opus is majestic, there are so many examples of vocal dexterity from the morose to the marauding on the song that you just have to sit back and admire them. 

First single 'Dark Clouds' was haunting and deeply sad, 'For All Who Dwell' tramples all over the heart with a welcome gusto, there's an EP on the way, I want a double album.

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