Sunday, 18 February 2018

Single: The Clockworks - Rumours in the Stockroom

The Clockworks - Rumours in the Stockroom

Info: Galway pop-punk quartet The Clockworks released their latest single, 'Rumours In The Stockroom' on Friday. Always able to articulate the experiences of youth culture with spitting verses and a knack for the catchy rhyme, The Clockworks put into song that age old inconvenience of responsibility gutting the pleasure of a hard night on the tiles, the dramatic delivery by McGregor of a common malaise through his vocals being appropriately fatalistic. Over-indulgence leading to broken promises to ourselves, until the next time, which is just around the corner. Skewering a list that could include an early Franz Ferdinand, Hard-Fi or The Kaiser Chiefs back when they all blew up the charts, the Galway likely lads put plenty of pop in their punk kebab once again, and it tastes better than it does at 4am on a Friday night.

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