Sunday, 18 February 2018

Single: Maria Kelly & Ailbhe Reddy - Threads

Maria Kelly & Ailbhe Reddy - Threads

Info: Irish singer-songwriter Maria Kelly has teamed up with fast rising artist and friend Ailbhe Reddy for the release of her latest breathtaking single, 'Threads', on 16th February 2018 via Veta Records.

After a co-headline tour in May 2017 and regularly sharing music between themselves, Kelly and Reddy, who coincidentally are the last two winners of the Other Voices open call, decided to join forces for their first release of 2018."We felt that our styles complimented each other well and decided to try out co-writing. We’re both influenced by similar artists but we have a completely different way of approaching our writing. We thought it would be cool to stick the two together and see what happened," explains Kelly.

Both artists had unused lyrics based on the idea of having a partner who would never be comfortable enough to commit and relax into the relationship. "We just continued with this theme of someone having one foot out the door and how heartbreaking that can be to experience" says Reddy. As a result, 'Threads' is another stunning example of both Kelly and Reddy’s unique, tender songwriting ability. As the track swells with sparse instrumentation and atmospheric soundscapes, their fragile vocals come together to create something truly captivating and impressively raw.

Over the past 2 years Maria Kelly and Ailbhe Reddy have forged separate but concrete paths through their music, that's not to make it sound like those paths were easily built, as both artists address vulnerability with great clarity and honesty on many of their previous solo releases. It's one thing thinking it might be a good idea to collaborate with a peer, but an entirely different prospect regarding whether it will blend or work as hoped for, ultimately the music will speak for itself and to the listener.

With 'Threads' the pair have merged seamlessly, that shared experience of the songs theme seemingly coming from one voice and heart. The harmonies are gorgeous, hovering so close together there are times it can be difficult to tell them apart. Like two ghostly souls in the choir gantry singing to an empty auditorium, this sense compounds the emotional wrench of 'Threads', but there's a subtle if regretful acceptance of circumstance and acknowledgement of moving on. Despite its tenderness, both Kelly and Reddy assertively abandon a source of pain with knowing confidence. An additional happy outcome from their new single is that it celebrates two of the best Irish songwriters of their generation permanently in song, together.

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