Sunday, 8 April 2018

Video: RUNAH - Angels

RUNAH - Angels
Photo: @therosemill

RUNAH - Angels

Info: 'Angels' is the third and final single from RUNAH’s debut EP 'We Only Go To Church In Winter'. 'Angels' continues the story introduced by the first two singles. It is the reclaiming of the wild within; a story of a woman embracing the wild and powerful, rather than taming herself to fit in.

Originally from Manchester RUNAH has recently relocated to Dublin.

'Angels' follows 'Bind Me To You', a song addressing the detachment from our natural selves, and 'This Silence', which discusses mental health from both the sufferer’s and the carer’s points of view. 'Angels' reclaims the darkness of the story and illustrates the power of truly stepping into ourselves.

With a powerful and crisp voice, RUNAH draws us into the mystical world of 'Angels'. The cinematic video for her latest single sees her fully absorbing her environment, sea, earth and air, with the blindfold representing a submission to the ebb and flows of the mind, through which ultimately freedom will be reached. The downtempo folktronica sound throughout accentuating that feeling of drifting willingly wherever the stream takes you, a fine piece of escapism and perfect accompaniment to previous single 'Bind Me To You' from the Dublin-based artist.

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