Sunday, 1 July 2018

Album: Father! - Beach Cloud Daze

Father - Beach Cloud Daze

Info: Meath lo-fi and dream pop act Father! released his debut album, Beach Cloud Daze on the 8th of June. The 8 track collection comes in at just under the 25 minute mark, its unabashed DIY feel working well in creating a sleepy mood which matches up to its suggestive title. First track 'Opening' is a fiery start which sounds like a re-working of Joy Division's 'Disorder'. That intensity subsides on the dream-like sequences of 'Thank You' and 'Satin', both of which embrace an undercurrent of late 80's jangle-pop amidst the low hum of fizzing guitars. 

Fifth track 'Days' is uneven and garbled around the edges in a garage-jam kind of way, and again this accentuates the rough and ready feel of the album, a positive in my book. Before I'd even gotten to final track 'To Reme', I couldn't escape the fact that much of Beach Cloud Daze felt like a demo tape made by The Cure, with a hazy Californian flavour. There's certainly scope for Father! in the future with more resources at his disposal to create an album which will make people sit up, this debut however, shines enough light on his music to make it entirely achievable.

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