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Irish Playlist #031: Silverbacks, WASPS, Fangclub, Mongrel State, October Fires & more

WASPS - Here Comes Mothra

Info: On this latest independent Irish playlist I've had to check myself before I wreck myself. I'm a sucker for thinking the new single or latest album from my favourite bands is their 'best release to date'! I do it all the time, it's easy to get caught up in what's freshhhhhh. That said, and I'm still a bit on the fence with Silverbacks because I've pretty much loved every single they've released, I do think their new single 'Dunkirk', and Belfast duo WASPS 'Here Comes Mothra' are both bands'z best singles to date. 

1) Silverbacks - 'Dunkirk'

"I hurt my soul, my soul is hurt, on a private beach in...Dunkirk..." follows the most lethargic and disinterested bass-line you've ever heard. From there everything gets better and better. Silverbacks kill me, lyrics, mood, music, they back me into a corner with every single, but apropos my intro, this is my favourite single to date of theirs, it is, isn't it? Yes. Until the next one, pretty sure I said this about 'Dirty Money' too.

2) WASPS - 'Here Comes Mothra'

Belfast, and Northern Ireland in general, has been a veritable hot-bed of stand-out and arresting music for the last 4-5 years. Duo WASPS parallel each single release with a more gratifying sound, like Silverbacks, this is definitely my favourite single of theirs to date. It's hard rockin' and punches the shit out of your ears courtesy of their withering distorted guitar riffs and bang on the money rock vocals, the high-crunch arriving at 2:49, bazinga!

3) Fangclub - 'Knife'

Dublin garage-rock and grunge aficionados Fangclub released their latest single 'Knife' in May , their trajectory from local favourites to heavy hitters is pretty inspirational for any band starting out. There's a dark plunge on latest single 'Knife' and newly released video which came out 2 weeks ago (below), phat bass and a mechanical rotary guitar grind reach apocalyptic destinations in the final minute of the track.

Fangclub - Knife

4) Royal Yellow - 'Hazeldene'

Although it was released 6 weeks ago, I just heard Mark O'Brien aka Royal Yellow's new single 'Hazeldene' this week (thanks Ryaner!), and it's a beaut. The ex-Enemies man creates a breezy day-glo atmosphere that you instantly slip into and under. Acoustic trip-hop with jazzy vibes and you have an inescapable escape, quality and I can't wait to hear more.

5) October Fires - 'Pray'

Speaking of trip-hop soundz, what begins like a harmonious indie-folk number, the new single from Kildare band October Fires, 'Pray', siphons itself off to the chill zone reminiscent of some middle point between Sneaker Pimps and Portishead. The vocals invoke a ritualistic incantation, free-flowing plonking piano progressions and bass add to that nonchalant care-free sense.

6) Mongrel State - 'Evidence of What'

Fine purveyors of honky tonk rock n' roll, Mongrel State return after the success of their critically acclaimed album Mestizo with a vibrant banger in the shape of 'Evidence of What'. Kick off your shoes, shake free of the blues and dance on the sawdust-filled floorboards, this is what you might hear if Jerry Lee Lewis and Creedence Clearwater Revival had an impromptu hoe-down at your local watering-hole.

7) State Lights - 'Freedom'

Go big or go home. A band I have massive admiration for, BIMM alumni State Lights released latest single 'Freedom' two weeks ago, its message is simple, remove the shackles, fearlessly be yourself. Their 80's synth-rock n' pop sound is 100% complimentary with lead-singer Shobsy's vocal, 'Freedom' is probably their most loyal homage to the greats of the genre such as Simple Minds and Tears for Fears.

We Cut Corners - The Specialist
We Cut Corners

8) We Cut Corners - 'The Specialist'

Dublin duo We Cut Corners serve up a free-flowing indie-pop sizzler with 'The Specialist', a rolling rhythmic percussion and punchy vocals eschew a defiant and up-tempo message. It may be a cliché, but this latest single from the pair is a perfect indie shuffler for the summer that you need blasting out of the speakers.

9) Search Party Animal - 'Sailboat'

A band that have diligently and successfully hewn their own style of mixed textures from 80's synth to modern indie-pop are Dublin five-piece Search Party Animal. It's a tough task to have a sound that is both immediately recognisible whilst ensuring no two songs sound similar. Across all of their singles to date SPA have achieved this. 'Sailboat' continues this modus operandi, experimenting with different effects and their trademark vocoder, which they warp to great effect here, they've offered up something entirely of their own making.

10) Blue Fish Diamond - 'Time To Go'

Dublin indie and folk-rock band Blue Fish Diamond are a bit of a super-group for those in the know in the capital, including members of various bands and established solo acts such as Laura Ryder, Ella Naseeb and Matilda O'Mahony to name a few. It's funny because their sound, in particular vocals, reminds me of another super-group, The Travelling Wilburys, there's a Roy Orbison nod, and the harmonies are unsurprisingly wondrous. 

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