Saturday, 14 July 2018

EP: D Sharpson - Jazz in Germany

D Sharpson - Jazz in Germany

Info: Dónal Sharpson is a Dublin based musician / DJ and producer. His other projects include: DoubleScreen, 5th Element, Tooka and Hotlady. D Sharpson is a side project that primarily concentrates on house and techno music. Last month Sharpson released the Jazz in Germany EP on Fluttertone Records, loosely describing the sound as lo-fi house meets nu disco.

While I would admit that I am woefully short on knowledge of how to adequately (a) describe and (b) pick up on the nuances of house music, I do love a lot of acts within the genre. D Sharpson's Jazz in Germany was a very uplifting and enjoyable journey for me right from that in your face drum snare and high-hat intro on 'Baby Don't Hold Back', which is followed by a deliciously funky groove. This is the type of sound and track I would imagine Todd Terje whipping out at the end of his set whilst going a bit free-style rogue, I love it.

'Fat Spider-Man' has that nostalgic old school rave beat and keyboard sound, think Bizarre Inc. circa 1992 and a more restrained version of 'I'm Gonna Get You' and you'll get the gist, it's spacey, escapist and simile-inducing. That musical mode of mind transport continues on the kaleidoscopic high-roller 'Mr Dubby - Cork Boy' which packs in an exhilarating amount of soulful energy.

Sharpson adds one more twist with final title-track 'Jazz in Germany', shifting away from the retro to a thoroughly modern industrial house sound, which coincidentally reminds me of the shock and awe aural approach of German trio FJAAK. It's chaotic and an acerbic assault on the senses, you get the feeling that this is the artist fully losing himself in the moment and the music controlling him rather than the other way around. A creative mind with very few boundaries.

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