Monday, 3 December 2018

EP: Ghetto Amaretto - Oll Korrect

Ghetto Amaretto - Oll Korrect

'Oll Korrect' is Ghetto's first new e.p. in 8 years, as the original four members of the band have scattered to various countries in the interim. 'Oll Korrect' was recorded over the internet by two of the band members, who now live 5,000 km apart – Waterford-native Conor 'Scew' Dalton (Ghetto's lead-instrumentalist, and producer, who now lives in New York, USA), and vocalist Chris Falconer (who is back based in Waterford, Ireland). 

The two band members have not been in the same room (or continent) as each other, for the entirety of the writing and recording processes of the five new songs – meaning that the songs slowly unfurled from back-and-forth demo and track sharing through emails and file transfers. The sound of the e.p. is symptomatic of this writing process - with the songs leaning more heavily into the electronic and production-driven arena than Ghetto’s previous dance-rock offerings.

A little Ibiza-dance sounding opening commences the new EP Oll Korrect from Ghetto Amaretto, 'Gyre', which is also the lead single on the collection of tracks. The track has 'club' written all over it's anthemic whip-lash pop moments and colourfully bubbles to overflow courtesy of some very entertaining indietronica back and forths.

'Plume' carves a slightly different atmosphere, whilst also retaining that high-energy drive, more emotionally-charged than its predecessor, the drops here are pretty fantastic, an off the cliff example being at 2:41. It was important I think at some point in the EP that Dalton and Facloner detached themselves from the dance-pop space-station, and allowed themselves a little float. Thankfully 'Mantle' steps in, a very clear insight into how well the two can collapse a number of levels down in a conscious and well executed way. I'm really enjoying the comfortable bracketing of indie, pop and electronic here, it's chill but a little sneaky intensity is peeping out from the shadows. 

Ghetto Amaretto - 'Uncanny Valley'

As much as I've enjoyed Oll Korrect so far, the beast is truly released mercilessly on 'Uncanny Valley', what a tune. Zoned-out electronic music is my go to for headspace and escapism, and 'Uncanny Valley' slides right into meeting all of my requirements. There's a titanic menace looking down on the duo here, who have made such an absorbent piece, that they probably didn't even notice. The chaos of sound is perfect, a rather crude metaphor would be the moment before jumping into a pool of water, all is calm, but as soon as you submerge yourself it's alien (despite our gestationary origins!). Somehow in the midst of this unfamiliar environment, without air, the discomfort quickly makes way for an experience that is even calmer than before we jumped in.

Final track 'Nevertheless' continues in the same vain, it's inviting and warm acoustic guitar pulls you further in where you're greeted by the groove. Combo of vocal, keys and background vox work a treat. I suppose Oll Korrect could be summarised as two day-to-day experimental electronic artists having a lot of fun with thick brush swipes of pop music, stopping to consider their next stroke, and then lathering it on, but not too thick, absorbing, different and bursting with care-free energy. (*plays 'Uncanny Valley' again*).

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