Sunday, 2 December 2018

The VidList #012: delush, Baba, Happyalone., Pillow Queens & Shaky Shack

delush - Don't Let Me Win

Info: As a medium for delivering both music and sparking our imaginations, the music video is a mode of expression that I have and always will love, perhaps driven by my other great passion, film! Below we have some wonderful Irish music videos that have been released in the last few days.

1) delush - 'Don't Let Me Win'

Regulars to the blog here will be aware of my great love for Elton John's 70's output, and indeed Billy Joel's The Stranger LP. Berlin-based Irish artist delush nods more to the former than the latter on new single 'Don't Let Me Win', but the piano pop is so strong here, and funnily it also reminds me of an off the wall sparse Eels effort from Mr. E. There's something wonderfully familiar about delush's vocal too, like an old friend you haven't met in some time, it's sincere and brimful of authentic emotion. Needless to say, the video by collective Welcome to the New World is stunning.

2) Baba - 'Land of the Damned'

Easily one of the best vocalists in the country right now, Baba Lynch released the video for latest single 'Land of the Damned' on Thursday. There is so much power in this song, and not just from Baba herself, orchestral flourishes glisten throughout, and at its grand finale, the Queen of Irish Soul Pop blows the world and everything in it away. The video itself was directed by Dara McDonagh.

3) Happyalone. - 'Real Fear Right Now'

Cork electro space cadets Happyalone. really couldn't write a shit song if you paid them one meeeeelion dollars. Their prolific output over the last 12 months has been ridiculous, but what's been most impressive is how varied each interpretation of experimental electronic music they've shared has been. 'Real Fear Right Now' is on the one hand old skool dubstep, and on the other hand industrial techno. Also, that haunting echoed vocal is unreal. They are the gift that keep giving.

4) Pillow Queens - 'Gay Girls'

Few Irish bands can both claim to have mass appeal and write music that is intelligent, hard-hitting, whilst maintaining a wry and enjoyable delivery like Dublin's Pillow Queens. In a previous review of the track we wrote; "simply gorgeous vocals and harmonies act as a memory of a past, the self-doubting self gets placed firmly in the dustbin for good. The self-assured version punches itself through a rambunctious and defiant chorus, but it's a defiance with nothing left to prove, the choral smackdown leading into the finale is a powerful act of defiance." The music video directed by Kate Dolan adds immeasurably to the message of the song, it's powerful, whilst also mixing a slight tinge of sadness with the happiness of relief. In my opinion their best single to date.

5) Shaky Shack - 'Roundabouts' (Acoustic)

Dublin duo Shaky Shack (Alex Winter and Mateusz Kosnik) literally found well, uggh, a shaky shack to bring their smooth brand of bedroom pop to the great outdoors, indoors? Outdoors. 'Roundabouts' is a really sweet and soulful jam from the pair, and Winter's voice is sounding bang on the money. These boys are old school, old cool.