Saturday, 1 December 2018

Irish Playlist #043: Nnic, Daithí, Variant Sea, Brass Phantoms & more

Nnic - 8th Wonder
Nnic - Photo: Adam Mark Photography

Info: REMY's latest Irish independent playlist provides a round-up of the best new singles to be released over the past couple of weeks.

1) Nnic - '8th Wonder'

Dublin electronic artist Nnic (aka Naoise Fitzgerald) releases sophomore single '8th Wonder', the follow up to hugely popular debut 'Pillars' which passed 235k streams on Spotify. With a hugely impressive classic pop vocal '8th Wonder' is an instantly immersive retro-tinged experience.

2) Daithí - 'Orange' (EHCO Remix)

It's hard to imagine a more delicious combination than producer / musician Daithí and experimental electronic act EHCO, it truly gives the best of both worlds, with Daithí's low-key ambient sound lathered with Eoin Whitfield's electro-majesty and Jessy Lord's ever-lovable vocal.

3) Variant Sea - 'Selene'

Pretty sure I've used the word cinematic to describe Variant Sea's sound before, but it's never been more appropriate than on their latest single 'Selene'. Iceland-based classical pianist Luke Duffy and Montauk Hotel guitarist Shell Dooley never cease to amaze with how they can open up the skies above our heads to shed light on the bleakest yet most beautiful of landscapes.

4) MYTH - 'Forever On Display' 

Experimental rock quintet MYTH ram their way to the genres with aplomb on 'Forever On Display', a dead-ringer intro for a track from Portishead's Dummy, hard-rock verses provide a bone-shattering smackdown. Reminiscent of the very best of mid-90's guitar rock á la Alice in Chains par example!

Brass Phantoms - In Sight
Brass Phantoms

5) Brass Phantoms - 'In Sight'

Brass Phantoms continue to fine-tune their own brand of indie-stompin' rock on 'In Sight', the lackadaisical shuffle and mood works so well with frontman Ryan Cashell's nonchalant delivery, this is understated indie-rock at its finest from the ever-evolving group.

6) Comfy Coffin - 'Lifetime Achievement Award'

To say I instantly liked the new single from Comfy Coffin, 'Lifetime Achievement Award', would be very accurate. Gratuitously phat chunky analogue synths pop the bottle open, followed quickly by major feel-good guitar jam funk, the act provides a tongue in cheek look being devoid of passion and settling for mundanity over potential.

7) Darce - 'Enlightened'

Cork hip-hop artist Darce serves up a superb single with pop-leanings in the form of 'Enlightened' which features ultra dream-pop vocals from producer / artist Blakkheart. This is chill.

Ferals - Gone
Ferals - Photo: Carrie Davenport

8) Ferals - 'Gone'

Belfast post-rock trio Ferals take a big, big leap forward from previous single 'Brendan Rodgers' with new release 'Gone'. A slow-burning indie rockfest that patiently builds itself toward a bulls-eye crescendo.

9) Oddsocks - 'Saying Things'

Oozing with a smile-inducing positivity, 'Saying Things' from Sligo quartet Oddsocks was released just yesterday. Funky soulful passages weave their way through the brightest of melodies and laidback rhythms. Throw in a to-die-for 40-second guitar solo and vocal that recalls CC Brez and a helluva lot of boxes get ticked here.

10) Flynn - 'My Gold'

Mullingar native Flynn confirms himself as one of those leading the pack on the growing rn'b pop scene in Ireland alongside the likes of SOULÉ, Tim Chadwick, St. Bishop and Zapho with new single 'My Gold'. After only my second listen I reached the conclusion it was easily one of the best Irish pop releases of 2018, hooks galore, quality production and peaks all executed perfectly for maximum effect. Less is more.

Flynn - My Gold