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Single: ELLYD - Lucky


ELLYD - Lucky

Info: ELLYD (Elaine Doyle) is an Irish singer- songwriter hailing from West Dublin and has been writing songs since she was 11 years old. After years of recording demos in her home studio and touring Ireland and parts of Europe with another musical project, ELLYD finally decided to undertake a solo venture and record her debut EP called 'Rise'. 

ELLYD debuted her new material in Berlin, playing various stages across the city she describes as one of her favourite places in the world. After her successful travels to Germany, ELLYD released 'Rise' on 30th May 2016. The highly anticipated EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in Jam Studios with Martin Quinn. 'Rise' reached number 8 in the iTunes charts and has been played on various national and local radio stations. It has received, and is still receiving wonderful reviews. 

ELLYD's Rise EP was very much the 'hello' from her to the rest of us, an introduction to both what had been resting inside her head for quite some time, and an articulation of how she wanted to express those thoughts through music. While the debut EP may have hinted at extra layers, it was more a celebration of pop happiness for us to enjoy, upbeat, with its influences on its sleeve, and a clear grasp of how contemporary pop music should sound.

On 'Lucky' we get new insights into the artist, more of those layers are revealed, it's anthemic, a reflection, but with a darker shroud over it. My initial thoughts were that the vocals were pinging back to the 80's, but the more I listen, and the less I can think of anyone who comes close, I feel it resides possibly more in the early to mid-90's. That said, the music itself undeniably harps back to an era the singer herself is enamoured with, with drum-pads, guitar and keyboards all creating a lovely 80's vibe, it's like the arrangement you'd expect around a Kim Carnes song, minus her vocal. One of the strengths of 'Lucky' also lies in the fact that, as each chorus comes around, an extra piece or layer of instrumentation is either added or heightened, adding a growing power to its impact as the song progresses. It's a track that at the very least deserves to cause a bit of a stir.

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