Saturday, 10 June 2017

Single: The Grey Merchant - Convenience

The Grey Merchant Convenience

Info: The Grey Merchant is the collaborative recording project of Cork based Indie trio Neon Atlas' bassist Enda O’Flaherty and a collection of friends and fellow musicians. Drawing comparisons with classic noise and stoner rock, influences like Kyuss and Fu Manchu can be heard.

'Convenience' is the follow up to their earlier single releases ‘Spotless (The Protecting Veil)’ and ‘The Last Transmission’, and sets the tone for their forth-coming album ‘Avenue De Rennes’ expected in late July this year.

The Grey Merchant continue to surprise on third single 'Convenience', where debut single 'Spotless (The Protecting Veil)' had a decidedly lo-fi hue, and 'The Last Transmission' slightly ramped the noise levels up, the third single is a full on angst-ridden alt-rock blast. Straddling along the lines of 80's heavy rock and 90's grunge, 'Convenience' mechanically powers through verse and chorus with incessant high-energy percussion and crunching distorted bass-lines. With plenty of variety to choose from on their opening releases, forthcoming album Avenue De Rennes is certain to contain plenty more to keep fans of the genre occupied from start to finish.

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