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Video: Edel Meade - Sideways

Edel Meade - Sideways
Photo: Shervin Lainez

Edel Meade - Sideways

Info: Following on from the video release of ‘Blue Fantasia’, an enthralling experimental piece earlier this year, ‘Sideways’ takes the listener on an enchanting journey through the small hours, exploring the mystique of romance and being a free spirit. The music is gorgeous, evocative and soothing with it’s luscious textures, rich vocal harmonies and lyrics that are unapologetically intimate.

"I’ve always been drawn to artists who speak from the heart, the ones who are honest and fearless in their approach. Certainly I’ve been inspired by Joni Mitchell and singers like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone who share a piece of their soul with you when they sing," says Edel. "It gives an idea of what to expect from the album. It’s kinda sexy, dreamy and jazzy."

The accompanying video was produced and directed by Devi Anna at Dualitymotion, featuring actor Shane Robinson and filmed at 12 Henrietta Street, Dublin.

Edel Meade - Blue Fantasia

In September last year I attended one of the excellent Vinyl & Wine listening sessions in The Liquor Rooms on the south quays, the album played that evening was Joni Mitchell's Blue. Before the panel took to the small stage in front of the most glorious set up you'll ever hear a record played on, a track was playing throughout the room. Me being only familiar with Blue and Court & Spark and a few other tracks here and there, by no means in any way an expert on Joni, thought it must have been one of her songs. It was sublime, but no it wasn't Lady Mitchell, I would find out fairly soon that it was a recording of one of the panelists' songs, Edel Meade covering 'Canada'.

On 'Sideways' Meade is deeply immersed in classic vocal jazz, the most gentle and light piano playing pushing way back to the prime of the era in the United States, whilst lyrically she indulges in modern pop themes, a willing yet forbidden and secretive romance coupled with abandoning thought and embracing living in the moment for what it is. There's a real majesty to both her voice and the intricate instrumentation on the track, and indeed the rest of her recorded works to date (see 'Blue Fantasia' above). Her music feels very influenced by the two Coltrane's, John and Alice, soft yet wanting to spin out from constraints, whilst vocally she is like a mix between the velvet tones of Chet Baker and the allure of Julie London. The more the better from Edel Meade.

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