Monday, 7 August 2017

Single: Sunset Exotic - High Fidelity

Sunset Exotic - High Fidelity

Sunset Exotic - High Fidelity

Info: Sunset Exotic is the solo project of Santa Rosa based producer/composer Charlie Foltz. Drawing inspiration from everything between new wave and french electro, Sunset Exotic aims to paint modern indie rock classics from Foltz’s insatiable synthlust. His fourth single, 'High Fidelity' is an ode to Mix CDs and the strangers you share them with. The production of the track features huge, pumping dynamics and a sweet, yet anthemic melody sure to make this track a garage pop killer. Sunset Exotic is aiming to have an EP out by this October and is slated to release their long overdue debut album early in 2018. 

Roughly 10 months ago Sunset Exotic released a double A-Side titled Oddity Mixtape featuring tracks 'Chrysanthemum' and 'More Human Than Human', and we rejoiced with sheer delight at how amazing both were. Charlie Foltz is back with another single release, and it 100% lives up to the high expectations those earlier tracks set. Anyone who has ever enjoyed 80's pop, synth-pop, contemporary experimental music of any kind in fact, will adore 'High Fidelity'. 

The track opens with lackadaisical bubblegum calm, then shoots straight to the root of what makes Sunset Exotic so magical, a fizzing chorus of succinctly filtered vocals, guitar riffs and drumbeat pads all churning psychedelica out into the atmosphere in a technicolour bliss. In addition to 'High Fidelity', there are three tracks you need to get into your life yesterday, the two aforementioned ones and 'Ghosts' (below), there is scary potential that has already reached out of Sunset Exotic and there's no doubt the EP due in October will evidence this.

Sunset Exotic - Ghosts

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