Monday, 7 August 2017

Video: Vulpynes - Silica

Vulpynes - Silica
Photo: Seamus McKernan

Vulpynes - Silica

Info: Punk and garage-rock duo Vulpynes have released their latest single, 'Silica', with an accompanying video. The track was recorded at Herbert Place Studios by James Darkin, with the video produced by Joseph Ingersoll.

Building on the momentum created by previous singles such as 'Terry Said' and 'OCD', as well as a non-stop live performance schedule across Ireland and the UK, Vulpynes have certainly ratcheted the heaviness of their firebrand style of punk rock up to the next level on 'Silica'. In some ways the tempo and rollicking guitar riffs remind me of something which could easily have appeared on a Nirvana live set circa Nevermind

The adjustment between sped-up verses and the relatively restrained chorus works well, but the most enjoyable aspect of 'Silica' is the more wall-to-wall sound of the distortion and percussion. You imagine the pair were recorded in a telephone booth with regards to how condensed and all-encompassing the vocals, thick guitar riffs and drums come across as it pounds and bounds across it's just shy of two and a half minutes duration. With each passing single, the harder they rock, the better it sounds.

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